Charm Overview

Charm is an ecosystem of innovative products within DeFi.

The goal is to build a vibrant community where anyone can research, build, and govern the protocols within Charm, as well as to provide new tools and resources for billions of people to learn and develop.

Charm Options, a groundbreaking options AMM, was the first product launched by Charm. Its aim is to help billions of people manage their portfolios and learn about investments.

Cube Tokens, a new leveraged token protocol, was the second product launched by Charm. It makes it really simple for users to take leveraged positions across a wide range of tokens without risk of liquidation.

Alpha Vaults, an automated LP vault for Uniswap V3, was the third product launched by Charm. It is the first vault of its kind, and the easiest way to provide concentrated liquidity on Uniswap V3.