Charm Overview
Charm is an ecosystem of innovative products within DeFi.
Charm's vision is to:
Become a vibrant community where anyone can research, build, and govern the protocols within Charm, as well as a place where billions of people can learn, grow, and develop.
Alpha Vaults, an automated LP vault for Uniswap V3, is Charm's flagship product. It was the first Uniswap V3 LP vault to launch; and the simplest, most stable, and highest returning LP vault of its kind.
Alpha Vaults pioneered range order strategies and passive rebalancing, and its success created a new industry for decentralized market making strategies (DMMS).
Previous products launched by Charm include Charm Options, a groundbreaking options AMM; and Cube Tokens, a leveraged token protocol. Both products have been discontinued, in order to focus research and development efforts on Alpha Vaults and version 2 of Charm Options.
Last modified 4mo ago
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