Uniswap V3 (V3) was launched on 5th May 2021, and it quickly became the most capital efficient DEX within DeFi, surpassing Uniswap V2(V2)’s trading volume using only 25% of its liquidity. This is because for the first time, V3 allowed market making to take place on an AMM by concentrating liquidity within a price range, rather than across the whole spectrum of prices (aka V2).

Alpha Vaults was launched on Mainnet on 7th May 2021, 2 days after V3. It is the easiest way to provide liquidity on V3, and has been live on Mainnet for over 8 months. It is still the best performing, least volatile, longest running, and most robust LP vault of its kind.

Alpha Pro is the next step for Alpha Vaults. It uses Charm’s expertise in Decentralized Market Making Strategies to help projects increase the liquidity of their tokens on V3.

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