Alpha Pro is a permissionless platform to launch liquidity vaults on Uniswap V3. Launch tokens, liquidity mine, and deposit on V3 just like V2, and get the FULL benefits of BOTH protocols!

Using Alpha Pro, anyone can set up their own vault* to:

  • Increase token liquidity on Uniswap V3, minimise capital losses, and facilitate price discovery.

  • Guarantee tokens will always be tradable.

  • Launch liquidity mining campaigns on V3 just like V2, using a single ERC-20 token and a standardised staking contract.

  • Have full control over their token launch, and achieve better decentralization.

  • Provide LPs with a simple way to add liquidity, just like Uniswap V2.

Alpha Pro achieves this by using Alpha Vault’s innovations in Decentralized Market Making Strategies, with on-chain parameters that can be adjusted to achieve the best blend between capital efficiency and worst-case liquidity.

The diagram below summarises the key benefits:

*The vault will have a similar code-base to Alpha Vaults, which was audited and battled tested over 8 months of continuous operation without performance issues or security incidences. Alpha Pro will undergo another audit before launching.

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