Use cases

Providing Liquidity
Instead of depositing into V3, LP can deposit into a V2-like frontend. LPs do not have to choose a range, rebalance, or hedge IL risks, because Alpha Pro can do it on their behalf.

Liquidity Mining

Instead of using a staking contract to directly incentivise a V3 pool, projects can deploy a standardised staking contract, and invite their LPs to stake their Alpha Pro shares (which are ERC-20) into the contract.
The above is easy for LPs and projects because it is the same as staking using V2, and avoids unfair distribution of rewards because all LPs follow the same strategy determined by the projects or their governance.

Achieving Decentralization

Decentralization is a key priority for many DeFi protocols, and projects using Alpha Pro have more scope to decentralize because:
  • Alpha Pro will be one of the most decentralized products within DeFi, because all its activities, source codes, and strategies will be available on-chain.
  • Alpha Pro’s Strategy Parameters are adjustable on-chain, which means projects or their governance will have full control over the vault’s strategy.
With Alpha Pro, projects can therefore use familiar tools to manage all aspects of their liquidity on Uniswap V3.