Why is Alpha Vaults needed?

Uniswap V3 offers better Liquidity, but presents many challenges for Liquidity Managers. An LP Vault overcomes these challenges by interacting with a Uniswap V3 pool on behalf of the Liquidity Manager.

Alpha Vaults is the easiest way to build an LP vault. It offers:

  • The ability to create LP vaults with 1-click.

  • The best in class strategy to concentrate liquidity.

  • All the necessary infrastructure to manage liquidity.

  • A front-end to manage user deposits and withdrawals, and to monitor performance.

  • Everything is on-chain and self-custodial.

Why is Alpha Vaults the easiest way to manage liquidity?

With Alpha Vaults:

  • There is no need to chose a range. This will be done automatically by the vault.

  • Only 1-click is required to create a vault.

  • Liquidity is managed with 1-click, and can be fully automated.

  • Vault shares are ERC-20, which means incentive schemes can be built using any standardised Uniswap V2 staking contract.

How does Alpha Vaults differ from other protocols?

Alpha Vaults is the only protocol to provide:

  • The strategy to manage liquidity and

  • The infrastructure to manage user deposits and withdrawals and

  • The front-end to create and manage decentralized LP vaults and

  • The front-end to monitor performance

It is therefore a one-stop shop for liquidity solutions on Uniswap V3.

How do I use Alpha Vaults?

To create a vault, enter the address of a Uniswap V3 pool, and click build vault.

To illustrate the vault creation process, the vault's parameters will be pre-populated with default values for narrow range and wide-range strategies. These values can be changed at any time.

What are the fees?

A total protocol fee of 1% Uniswap trading fee will be applied to all vaults. No other fees will be charged.

Can I set my own fees for the vault?

Yes, up to a maximum of 20% Uniswap fees.

Why should I verify my vaults?

Verified Vaults will be displayed on the Alpha Vaults home page. Unverified vault will not be displayed, but users can search for it if they know the address of the vault manager.

Is Alpha Vault audited?

Yes. Alpha Vaults was audited by Peckshield and Certik.

Where's the Github repo?
Is there a bug bounty?
Can i build a custom vault?

Yes. Please email contact@charm.fi.

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