Depositing and Withdrawing

The vaults are the easiest way to deposit and withdraw liquidity. LPs just have to pick a vault, deposit, and withdraw at any time:

They don't have to do anything else to enjoy the benefits of Alpha Vaults.

Deposit Caps

Some vaults have a cap on the maximum amount of deposits it can accept. When a cap is reached, Alpha Vaults will inform the depositor to either decrease the size of their deposits, or to create a vault to deposit into:

Best Practices

High risk vaults have unique risks - please deposit in small amounts into these vaults, and frequently monitor your positions in the Performance Page. High risk vaults will be clearly indicated on the front-end before every deposit.

Other best practices include:

  • If depositors want to earn fees as soon as possible, please deposit closer to the time of the next Rebalance. The date and time of the next rebalance can be determined from Vault Overview.

  • Depositors can wait for gas fees to come down before they make a new deposit, because these deposits won't start earning fees until the next rebalance.

  • Diversify across a large number of assets in different vaults, in order to mitigate the risks. Depositors can get an overview of all their deposits in the Portfolio Page.

  • Depositors should note the USD value of their position immediately after depositing, because this can be used to track their performance in real time.

  • Anyone can create a vault. This means depositors will need to do due diligence on the Vault Manager, independently verify the fees, and regularly track the performance charts.

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