Charm Finance

The Benefits

The benefits of managing liquidity on Alpha Vaults
With 1 click, anyone can create their own fully-functioning LP vault.
The vault's key benefits are:
Easy to Use
The vaults are the easiest way to provide and manage liquidity.
The vault securely* manage the liquidity of any Uniswap V3 pool.
*The codebase was tested on Mainnet for 2+ years without security incidents. It has in-build security features, and received 2 audits from Peckshield, and 1 from Certik.
Liquidity Concentration
The vault uses Liquidity Concentration to increase performance, minimise Capital Losses, and increase Capital Efficiency.
Guaranteed Liquidity
The vault uses a Full Range Position to guarantee tokens can always be traded, and the vault will always capture fees.
Achieve full decentralization using the vault's on-chain parameters.
Liquidity management can be Fully Automated.
Liquidity Mining
Launch liquidity mining campaigns on Uniswap V3 just like V2, using a standardised Uniswap V2 staking contract.