Alpha Vaults is the easiest way to provide liquidity.

Alpha Vaults created the first LP Vault.

To this day, it still offers the longest running, easiest to use, most secure, and best performing vaults of its kind.

Alpha Vaults brings low cost, passive investing to the LP industry. It offers the following vaults: Charm Vaults are created by Charm to show users how to use Alpha Vaults.

Community Vaults can be created and managed by anyone, and offers LPs an unlimited number of vaults for any Uniswap V3 pool.

All vaults use Alpha Vaults's open-sourced codebase, which has been tested for 2+ years without security incidence or operating issues.

In addition, it received 2 audits from Peckshield, 1 audit from Certik, and has an ongoing Immunefi bounty.

Liquidity Provision can offer high returns but also high risks, and depositing into an Alpha Vault is no different. The vaults will attempt to mitigate the risks but cannot eliminate it.

Please deposit in small amounts, regularly monitor your positions, and do your due diligence on the Vault Manager before depositing.

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