Automating Rebalance

An automation provider (eg Gelato Functions) can be used to trigger rebalance on your behalf. Here is how to do it:

  1. Top up your balance in Gelato's 1Balance app - see here for further guidance.

  1. Set the Rebalance Delegate to the Zero Address (0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000) and press Submit:

  1. Add extra 10 seconds to Rebalancing Period, and paste the total as the Time Interval in New Task in Gelato Functions:

  1. If you are doing rebalance for the first time, click Start Immediately:

  1. Otherwise, un-click Start Immediately and input when you want the next rebalance to happen. The difference between the next start date and time and the last rebalance must be larger than Rebalancing Period.

  1. Click Transaction in the next section:

  1. Get your vault's contract address from the address bar:

  1. Paste in the contract address:

  1. Select rebalance() as the function to be automated:

  1. Give your task a name, and click Create Task:

  1. When the transaction confirms, the vault begin rebalancing automatically! You can see it in your vault on Charm:

You vault is now fully automated!

You don't need to do anything else to earn fees income and increase liquidity, apart from making sure you have enough balance in step 1 to pay for gas fees.

Even though your vault is fully automated, you still need to monitor its performance, and change the strategy if it is not performing.

If you change the Rebalancing Period, the old task needs to be cancelled, and steps 3 to 10 need to be repeated.

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