Vault Information Page

Vault Overview

Every vault will have a simple explanation of how the vault earn fees income and decrease Capital Loss (or Impermanent loss):

Vault Fees

The total vault fee is displayed on the top, with a breakdown of the fees charged by Charm, and the fees charged by the vault manager:

The fees can be verified on-chain via protocolFee and managerFee

Vault Strategy

This section contains a chart summarising the positions chosen by the vault:

Hovering above a part of the chart will show that on 18th June, the vault has selected a Base Order of 5,216 to 6,000, a Limit Order of 5,322 to 5,539, when the market price is 5,546.

Vault Statistics

The vault statistics contain the following information:


The vault's TVL in USD


The vault's TVL divided by the pool's TVL. A vault is high risk if its Vault/Pool is large than 55%.

Due to the increased risk of high risk vaults, a warning will be displayed if a user wishes to deposit into these vaults:


The % of the vault's total capacity used by existing depositors. The vault cannot accepts deposits if the capacity reaches 100%, but users can always deposit into a vault they have created themselves.

Total token0

The total number of units of the first token held by the vault.

Total token1

The total number of units of the second token held by the vault.


See Token Ratio

Spot Price

The current market price of 1 unit of token0 in token1 (ie token1/token0)*

*Unless token0 is USDC, USDT, or DAI; or token1 is WETH or WBTC; in which case the price is token0/token1.

Base Order

The Liquidity Position chosen as the Base Order.

Limit Order

he Liquidity Position chosen as the Limit Order.


The on-chain address of the vault.


The on-chain address of the pool managed by the vault.

Full Range

The maximum % of the vault's holdings held in a Full Range Position.

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