Community Vaults

These are vaults created an managed by the community

If an LP cannot find the Vault they are looking for, they can create it themselves using Alpha Vaults.

Please do your due diligence on the vault managers and the pool tokens before depositing, because anyone can use Alpha Vaults to create a vault for any token.

Community Vaults and Charm Vaults have the same code base, which means users can use the Charm Vaults as a guide on how to create and manage their own vaults.

Charm will attempt to verify the authenticity of the vault's manager, but will NOT verify how Community Vaults are being managed, nor will it verify the underlying tokens within the pool.

In order to protect users:

Only vaults that have been verified by Charm will be displayed on Alpha Vaults' home page.

If users wishes to deposit into a non-verified vault, they will need to know the vault or manager address, and search for it on the Alpha Vaults web app.

If anyone suspects mis-management, or otherwise griefing of a vault, please report it in Charm discord.

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