Other Features

The others features of the vault are:

Changing the vault manager

A vault manager can nominate any wallet address to become the new vault manager, but before the changes take effect, the new manager must accept the responsibility.

After the new manager accepts, their wallet address can be used to manage the vault. The old manager will no longer see the vault in MyVaults.

This feature can also be used to remove an unused vault from a wallet.

Capping a Vault

A vault cap is an upper limit on the maximum number of shares it can create, which means the actual cap of the vault in USD depends on the vault's performance. The best practice provides some guidance on how to cap a vault.

To prevent further deposits into the vault, the vault manager can set the cap to zero after the initial deposit(s). This is useful when the manager uses the vault privately (eg if the vault is used to manage a protocol's treasury liquidity), or if they want to close the vault to external deposits.

Private Rebalancing

By default, anyone can rebalance the vault. The Vault managers can elect another address (or themselves) to be the only addresses that can call rebalance - this is useful if the vault manager want to actively manage the vault's liquidity.

They might also want to set the Rebalancing Period to 0, so that they can rebalance at any time.

Setting a vault manager fee

Vault managers can set a fee for managing the vault. The maximum fee that can be set is 20% Uniwap fees.

Emergency Burn

Vault managers can withdraw liquidity from the liquidity pool into the Vault in emergencies, or if they don't want to have exposure to the pool.

The liquidity withdrawn will not earn fees or incur Capital Loss, and a Rebalance is needed to redeposit the liquidity into the pool.

Emergency burn is an advance feature. Please contact a member of the team in Charm discord if you want to use it.

Please note emergency burn can NOT withdraw liquidity out of the vault.

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