Alpha Vaults is a permissionless platform to create LP Vaults for any Uniswap V3 pool.

Alpha Vaults is the easiest way to manage liquidity, and has the longest track-record for security and performance.

Manage liquidity with 1-click. There is no need to choose Liquidity Positions or LP Strategies, because the vault will do this automatically.

All vaults belong to its creator, and 3rd parties are not required to manage liquidity.

Alpha Vaults have been managing liquidity for 2+ years without security or operating issues. It has received 3 audits from Peckshield, and 1 from Certik.

The vaults can be used to launch liquidity mining campaigns on Uniswap V3 just like V2, using any standardised Uniswap V2 staking contract.

The diagram below summarises the key benefits:

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