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By default, the Alpha Vaults home page will only display vaults with a non-zero balance AND those created by a verified manager. Other types of vaults can only be displayed if users know the manager's address, or if they created it themselves.

Key Fields

Enter manager name or address

Vaults created by a verified manager can be found using the manager's name or address.

Vaults created by an unverified manager can only be found if users know the manager's address.

My Vaults

Clicking on this box will display all the vaults created by the connected wallet.


The vault is managing the liquidity within this pool (eg the WETH/USDT 0.05% pool).


The vault's total TVL in USD.


The ratio of the tokens within the vault. Users MUST deposit assets in this ratio, and will receive assets in this ratio when they withdraw.

For example, the WETH/USDT 0.05% vault can only accept deposits with a WETH:USDT ratio of 42:58.


Summary of the vault's positions (ie the base order, limit order, and full-range order). Green indicates the positions are within range, red is out of range.

The vault is most likely to outperform if both positions are green.


The wallet managing the vault's liquidity.

Verified vaults will have the project manager's logo (eg Charm). Unverified vaults will have an anonymous logo (similar to the wallet address logo in Metamask).


Net APY is the vault's overall return on investment after Capital Loss and commissions. Therefore:

Net APY = Fees Income APY - Capital Loss APY - protocol fees - manager fees

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