Verifying Vaults

Anyone can create a vault using Alpha Vaults, but only the vaults created by verified managers will appear in Alpha Vaults's homepage. Unverified vault will not be displayed on the Alpha Vaults home page, but users can search for it if they know the vault manager's address.

The following information are required for verification:

  • The project's name (eg Charm Finance)

  • The project's website (eg

  • Link to the project's logo (eg https://ens.xy/charmmanager.eth)

  • Ling to official announcement * (eg

*The official announcement MUST meet ALL the following requirements:

  • Mention the Vault Manager address

  • Come from a social media channel or docs page on the project' website

The information above must be submitted via IPFS on the Polygon network. Once they are checked by Charm, the Alpha Vault web app will add a ‘Verified' icon to all vaults created by the manager, and the vault manager’s logo will appear on Alpha Vault's homepage.

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