Create Vault

Only a Pool Address is needed to create a vault.

When creating a vault, Alpha Vaults will provide default values to illustrate the vault creation process. These values can be changed at any time.

Please go to Next Steps if you have already created a vault.

During vault creation

The following Vault Parameters can only be changed at vault creation:

The following parameter cannot be changed:

The remaining Vault Parameters can be changed at any time.

After creating a vault

After creating a vault, the creator will get:

The remaining sections of this guide will describe the main features of the vault, and the technical references will describe the code.

Please keep a record of the vault's contract address.

This is needed to access and manage the vault without a front-end, to build incentive schemes, and to build other DeFi products.

Your vault will not be displayed in Charm's home page by default unless it is verified, but can be accessed using MyVaults.

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