Create Vault

1. Go to, and connect your wallet:

2. Press Create Vault:

3. Enter an Uniswap V3 pool address*:

*The Uniswap pool address can be found on the Uniswap website, or at Oku:

4. Pick a Strategy category

Read the summary above to ensure you understand what the vault will do. A previous section on Default Values contain further guidance.

5. Click Create Vault to send a transaction to create the vault:

6. Alternatively, you can Click Vault Parameters to Edit the Vault before creating a vault:

or to change the strategy:

Alpha Vaults's track record describes how the strategy can be changed to achieve different outcomes.

7. Press Create Vault to send the transaction to create the vault:

8. When the transaction confirms, you will get a welcome screen confirming the vault was created:

9. Click Next Steps to learn some of the things you can do with your vault.

10. Click View Your Vault to see your vault — it’s now ready to accept deposits!

The next section illustrates how to change the settings of your vault.

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